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Four Online Presence Must-Haves for Any Business

Everyone wants to own and run a business, but you first need a plan – and part of that plan involves establishing a presence online. So just as with any team, there are assets on the team you absolutely need in order to perform at an optimal level. So we’re going to look at each player, and their role, on my favorite team: The Washington Web Warriors.

#1 – Business Website

Your website is the building block for the rest of your team. This is the juggernaut with a strong foundation that holds your team together and gives everyone (including your fans) a place to turn to. The website holds all the information about your team and is usually the most tenured of them all. There are some significant reasons why you should pursue investing in your website:

  • Incredible search engine optimization (SEO) capability
  • Learning hub for potential customers
  • Central point for your digital marketing strategy (we’ll come back to this)
  • Real estate YOU own, nobody else

iqueuesolutions client shanes dent removal business web page
#2 – Social Media

Let’s face it, everyone is on social media. There doesn’t need to be some over-the-top statistic to prove that pretty near everyone and their mother’s grandpa’s cousin is using social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The real question is why do you need it for your business?

Or maybe the better question is why WOULDN’T you need it for your business? If I’m a homeowner, and my toilet just crapped out on me (no pun intended), I could easily get on Facebook or Twitter where most of my other homeowner friends are and ask them who the most recommended plumber is in the area.

Well, if I’m a plumber, I could have easily found that post and responded to the person if I was locally located. Potential customer right there! Aside from “social listening”, social media is a way of distributing content you produce, which leads us to the next player on the team.

linex of laurel business twitter account

linex of laurel business instagram account linex of laurel business facebook page
#3 – Content!

Content is king in the digital world. If you have nothing to offer, then nobody will care. If you have a website and social media set up, then what the heck are you going to put on your website and social media accounts?

The value you provide as a business is crucial. Produce content that’ll resonate with your target audience. Post the content to your website, such as a blog. Your blog is the resource center of your website. This is where people go to retrieve information you provide.

Content > Post to Blog > Post to Social Media > Link to Website > Higher Google Ranks and Potential Customer

Have social media accounts as well help. Once you produce content, and post them on your website, share a link on social media going back to your website. This is why your website is the central point for all of your digital marketing! It all leads back to your website.

#4 – Lead Capture Tool

Now that you have people coming back to your website, you need a way to capture those who are interested in what it is you provide. If you’re content is valuable enough to the person, they’ll keep coming back for more, or they’d like to be notified when you release something new. To build a list of people who are interested in receiving notifications, you need a form on your website. Wherever there is content you deem valuable to your audience, make sure there’s a way for them to provide their OWN information. People don’t have a problem with supplying their name or email address as long as they’re receiving something in return. Their name and number for more quality content from you is a win — especially now that they’ve become a potential customer.


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