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Interview: Daytime Nightlife

daytime nightlife playing in a park with beary

To start off this story-telling entertainment platform we call iQueue Solutions, we’re happy to have had the chance to interview Mark Malec, lead singer and music-mastering guru from Daytime Nightlife. Daytime Nightlife’s bio is as follows:

Daytime Nightlife is an American Indie/Alternative band, formed in San Francisco in 2015. The band consists of brothers Mark (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Gary (bass, backing vocals) Malec, Matt Tucci (drums, backing vocals), and Arjun Iyengar (keyboards). Inspired by the likes of Incubus, Kings of Leon, Third Eye Blind, and a splash of Dr. Dre, Daytime Nightlife began playing shows in houses, private parties, warehouses, and parks before quickly rising to pack historic Bay Area and East coast Jersey shore venues. Known for their “DIY” attitude, they manage, promote, design, and create everything themselves. In this spirit, the band members recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced their self-titled debut album (2015) Daytime Nightlife aspires to bring good vibes + laughter wherever they’re heard, and one day conquer the world.

I asked Mark a few questions just to find out how he went about marketing his b(r)and, the amount of work he and his boys put in to make it successful, and how you too (if you’re an up and coming artist or band) can start off with little to nothing in the music industry. Enjoy this informative session with Mark and learn everything you can from someone who had a passion for music ever since high school. Who knows, maybe something he shared can give you a boost of motivation to chase your dreams.

Starting out, it’s safe to assume that as a new artist or band, it’s hard to acquire gigs. Your name isn’t yet out there, nobody really knows who you are, and a lot of venues don’t really take the time to talk to someone trying to gain some exposure. So what did you do?

daytime nightlife performing at the wildwood beer fest in new jerseyWe got gigs by contacting all the music venues around San Fransisco with a demo track or two attached (before the album) and hoped for a response. Our demo was homemade recordings of me playing every instrument before I even had a band…just a few songs. We would play warehouse and house parties before we played any real venues and few by few, these venues got back to us and we started playing upwards of 4 shows a month all over the Bay Area. Just recently we headlined the Wildwood Beer Fest and then flew right back to play the San Francisco Beer festival (the SF fest was a gig we got off craigslist). We learned you gotta put yourself out there in every facet just to even be considered an option, and to be noticed in general. We utilized Sonicbids, Reverbnation, Craigslist, contacting bars and venues. etc every chance we got.

What specifically did you do?

I do everything. I am the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter, recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer, and music mastering guru. I also am the bandleader. It is a full time job for me to just keep up as an active musician.

Did you have money to start? If not, how did you fund everything within the band (instruments, equipment, storage, etc.)?

mark malec is the lead singer for daytime nightlifeWe started with absolutely no money. My older brother had a lot of gear from his band 10 years ago that was still in our parents basement in New Jersey. Slowly, but surely we were able to salvage a few nice pieces of gear. Like my guitar amp, a few microphones, a secondary guitar, mic stands, cymbal stands, and a few instrument cables. We ended up getting everything else we needed through Craigslist. A LOT of good deals were found over 2 years to make a full production company’s worth of professional gear happen. My brother forked over a lot of the funds, but I was working for a moving company at the time to make money to help buy all the gear as well.

What kind of methods did you use, digitally and online, to promote your music and get gigs?

daytime nightlife brings a teddy beary with them to all showsWe used a lot of alternate methods of getting gigs including being as human as possible and meeting people in person. We find friends while getting fans and we carry a positive message with our music and it is catching on. We bring our giant stuffed teddy bear, Beary with us to all our shows and he always gets LOADS of attention. People love that bear. It’s crazy. Also, our wiener dogs are InstaFamous – so we walk them around all dressed up when we are out and about. HAHA! We also promote by playing free shows at the park or busking at the BART (subway) station.

So there are definitely a few things to take away from Mark and how his journey with Daytime Nightlife. All in all, here are some takeaways:

  • Reach out to venues with demo tracks of songs/music you’ve already done.
  • Stay persistent and try landing that first gig.
  • Learn everything you can and use Craigslist to find equipment/gear at an affordable rate.
  • Go out and network – use iconic props to market yourself and set your brand apart from the rest.
  • Don’t be afraid to put on free shows out in a park or other public settings to gain exposure.

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