Why Are You Wearing Those Socks?

I’ve been working a full-time position now for about two years.

It started back in 2015 when I worked for a start-up digital marketing company where the only guy who dressed in business attire was in sales. Everyone else dressed casual, yet the only guy who was dressed up in a suit and tie was the one bringing in business to the company. Why? I don’t know why, and I don’t care. The only thing I paid attention to was his socks. Every time I walked in the office, he had a new pair of crazy looking socks on, and they always seemed to go with whatever tie or outfit he was wearing. If he had a white and red tie on with a red pocket square, you better believe he was matching underneath with some candy cane looking socks.

Ever since then, I’ve been a sock fanatic.

And I’ve compared the use of socks with that of ties. If you work a position where you aren’t required to wear a tie, but have to dress somewhat business casual/professional, throw some crazy socks on! As crazy as it might seem, the upcoming generation will be making a name for themselves not by the look of their ties anymore, but by how crazy their socks are underneath the pant leg of the slacks their wearing.

But you’re probably asking why would I wear these type of socks? It’s easy, to brand yourself. Be the guy who everyone knows to wear crazy socks. Be the guy (or gal – sorry ladies), to stroll up in the office wearing some ridiculous looking socks that are blinding to the eye every time you sit down. It sparks conversation, it shows you have style, and that you’re not afraid to express yourself for a few hours. These are the socks I’m talking about…

colorful socks on amazon

Cool right? Okay, maybe you don’t like the colors or the designs, but there are so many out there to choose from! You’ve got to try them out, because here is a picture from one of our engagement photos that has drawn the most attention.

engagement photo washington dc colorful fun socks

Okay, stop looking at her legs. Look at the socks… Cool right?! Okay, the polka dots may be a little too much, but the spontaneity of colors compared to the rest of the outfits is kinda sweet right? Okay fine. If you don’t think so, then sorry to have wasted your time. But for those who are interested, I think you really give them a try. It’s literally only $12. If you can spend $12 on a meal at Chipotle, get you some crazy socks that may last years! I’ve linked the socks on Amazon below!

buy now image


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